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Real time prices

Crop delivers the latest grain prices and market news to you on a daily basis.

Storage control

Crop gives you an overview of your storage, average prices and historical sales.

Trading notifications

Crop sends a message to your iPhone when the price hits your target.

"Crop will make decision-making easier for the farmer when selling grain and back up his rule of thumb"



CEO and Co-founder

"Crop is a tool that will help the farmer sell his grain at the right time and make more money"



Farmer and Co-founder

The company is founded by Christian Risom and Joachim Moltke, who grew up on farms in Denmark. During the past 10 years, they have experienced how grain markets have become more and more volatile. As a consequence, grain sales have become an area that demands more attention from the farmer.

With Christians' background in finance and software and Joachim's experience from farming, it was natural to develop a tool that helps the farmer solve that challenge.

About us

"Prices are updated constantly on Crop and it's easy to check if they are going up or down when I'm working in the field during the day.

Before, I could only check them when I'm sitting in front of my desktop computer at home.

Furthermore, I enter my sales prices to get an overview of my average prices."

- Anders Hoegh manages 800 hectares in Denmark.

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